Memorial for the Orlando Pulse shooting

Mass Shooters and Men’s Will to Change

Enough is enough! Not another obfuscating word from you know who that “it’s not time to talk about gun control.” No more deflections that “he was a twisted individual; it’s a mental health issue.” No more hemming and hawing from the Speaker of the House and his coterie of National Rifle Association lackeys. As a total of 26 people—including an 18-month-old, a pregnant mother, and three of her five children—were being laid to rest in Sutherland Springs, Texas, there’s a common denominator among all of the shooters that we in the pro-feminist men’s movement are blue in the face from shouting from the rooftops for decades: They’re all men. And, many are domestic abusers. (Consider: the November 14 murders in Sacramento, California began with the gunman killing his wife.) Continue reading


The Poison of White Supremacist Masculinity

Three men in a single file line on a hill. They are walking away from the camera into a sunset.Photo Credit: Tim Foster

Like our slaveholding first president—not our current one—I cannot tell a lie: we must chop down the poisonous tree of white supremacist masculinity.

I felt tears well up when I heard about the alt-right violence unleashed in Charlottesville on August 12. Some of my tears, though, were in frustration. How is it possible after all the years colleagues and I have been writing and speaking about the gender of the killers—from Columbine to Orlando—that coverage of murder suspect James Fields. Jr. failed to point out the obvious: he was a disaffected, alienated 20-year-old male. Sound familiar? Recognize the profile? Continue reading

Taking on the Misogyny of a Failed President

"Group Photo Credit: Samantha Sophia

The white male bully temporarily occupying the White House represents the worst expression of manhood the U.S. has ever seen, but that dangerous truth is being obscured by so many of his other treacherous actions. Millions of words have been written excoriating the questionably elected president on a host of topics — from denying climate change to restricting minority voting rights; from sanctioning draconian drug laws to promoting harsh prison sentences for nonviolent offenders. Almost entirely absent in this blizzard of assaults on social progress is the predator-in-chief’s misogyny. Continue reading

Men’s Letter to the So-Called President: Show Us You Believe in Gender Equality

By Rob Okun

Will Donald Trump change his attitude toward women?

After the release of the 2005 Access Hollywood video caught him admitting to sexually assaulting women, many citizens couldn’t believe he could receive enough Electoral College votes to become president. I was one of them.

On January 31, I was a signatory to an open letter to Mr. Trump in POLITICO calling on him “to support this country’s, and the world’s, women.” (An accompanying petition is gaining names).  My co-letter writers and I challenged the president to set a high standard, to show that he is a man who believes in women’s equality and who opposes discrimination and violence of all kinds by men against women and girls. Continue reading