The Big Lie Is Also About Reproductive Freedom

How is it possible that Texas can (with the force of law) control a woman’s reproductive life—banning abortion six weeks after conception, before most people are aware they’re pregnant—while declaring individuals, not the state, should decide whether or not to wear a mask, or get vaccinated to protect themselves from contracting Covid-19?

Raising Boys to Love and Care, Not Kill

Foreground: candlelit flower memorial for Santa Fe high school. Students silhouetted in background.

Heart contracts; numbness and tears collide. Ten dead, 13 wounded; this time in Santa Fe, Texas. If we're ever to end the blood baths, we have to put gender at the center of the national conversation about mass murders. Here’s a news flash for the media: The location of the killings is only one way … Continue reading Raising Boys to Love and Care, Not Kill